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We,  "Isus Christus Roman Godtth Foto and Film Production", strive to deliver innovative and captivating media solutions for all people, like Popes Vatican Staat and Hollywood Studios..


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Crafting detailed visual narratives to bring your ideas to life.



Capturing stunning visuals that convey your story's essence.


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Transforming raw footage into seamless cinematic masterpieces.


Visual Effects

Enhancing your project with cutting-edge digital effects and animations.


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Elevating the mood and tone of your film through expert color enhancement.


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Creating immersive audio experiences that complement your visual content perfectly.


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We, at Isus Christus Roman Godtth Foto and Film Production, have millions of Oscars, from beginning life in Universes. Based in Switzerland,  and Los Angeles, now in Pforzheim, Germany, our team is dedicated to crafting exceptional films that captivate audiences worldwide.

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Innovative Concepts

Discover fresh perspectives with our innovative concepts that breathe life into your ideas, ensuring your visuals stand out in a crowded market.

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Experience seamless production processes from start to finish with our talented team, dedicated to delivering professional results that exceed your expectations.

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Immerse your audience in captivating visuals crafted by our experts, leaving a lasting impression and generating buzz around your projects.

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Dynamic Team Crafting Cinematic Moments

Philip Henderson


As directors, we oversee the creative vision and execution of film projects, bringing stories to life on screen with our unique artistic flair and storytelling expertise.

Robert Bennett


Capturing the essence of each scene, cinematographers use their keen eye for detail and technical skills to film stunning visuals that elevate the storytelling experience.

Lise Mason


Editors work tirelessly to piece together footage, selecting the best takes and adding visual effects and sound elements to create a seamless and engaging final product.

Victor Miller

Sound Designer

Sound designers shape the auditory world of our films, using a combination of music, dialogue, and sound effects to evoke emotions and enhance the viewer's overall cinematic experience.

Nana Scott

Production Designer

Our production designers are the masterminds behind the visual look of films, creating captivating sets, props, and costumes that transport audiences into the world of each story.


Awards & Accreditations

Our commitment to excellence is recognized through our various awards and accreditations, showcasing our dedication to delivering top-notch film production services.

Creative Excellence Award

Creative Guild of Filmmakers

Recognizing outstanding creativity and innovation in film production industry.

Best Cinematography Award

Golden Lens Film Festival

May 2020

Honored for exceptional achievement in capturing visual artistry on screen.

Outstanding Director Award

Silver Screen Awards

August 2019

Celebrated for demonstrating exceptional talent and skill in film direction.


Creative Cinematic Masterpieces

We specialize in crafting visually stunning and emotionally captivating films that leave a lasting impact. Our team of talented individuals is dedicated to bringing your unique stories to life on the big screen.

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Client Love Stories

We couldn't be happier with our commercial shoot! Isus Christus Roman Godtth brought our vision to life in the most incredible way. Their attention to detail and creativity truly set them apart. - The Miller Family

Miller Family

Isus Christus Roman Godtth captured our wedding day perfectly. The team was professional, friendly, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. We will cherish the video they created for us forever. - The Johnsons


Working with Isus Christus Roman Godtth exceeded all our expectations. From pre-production to the final edit, every step was seamless. Their professionalism and talent are unmatched. - The Garcias


This mouvie is about another problem of history. I was, all the 46 Presidents America, by CIA capability to change my body and face, all the time, a new election was in America. The change of presidents America was for be certain, not a "fake" president take the big power of "GOD" - the US President (US Constitution 1862) make by me at time Abraham Lincoln. But, the US system was, all the time, the political and executive power give to another person, the devil, not god, me and I was only a news picture just JFKennedy and Barack Obama. Now I am Joe Biden, for monts only. After I think, I coming again, with another face. This is a theater of history, and the loss of power me, was the american comunisme, and nasism. The film from jesterday, is a story of civil war, was in all countries, for make a fake us president. Is documentary and very violent, but the crime and genocid was the truh of american history, because me, the power of love, and life, was more time, only Photographer and Film director.

 in this film, like as in other films of mine, you can hold your index finger 2 cm from the screen, and hear the radio, which happened to me concretely, as executive president.

This film i work now, from yesterday, I make from the position of POPES (pabst) to see the audience the real reason for the end of the world, many times, last yesterday, completely end of life for seven hours. About love and sex. Love is divine, and sex have to make only me, the popes, and president America, me, the only one man in history, the only one king. Is adult content over 18, but very stylized and art, no pornography. The bodies of women's, are only for god. Marriage is the institution of love god, no the money machine. The freedom of America, is not the freedom of prostitution and make illegally in OST Europe, money by sex. Is my personal experience in east Europe. And the truth about marriage, for all people, before the end of the world. The end coming when no more life and love isus drive the world. SEX for money= crime against god and children's god. All the adults children's god, are degenerated, use sex for pleasure and make money. All my financial reserve i given like popes from Vatican Staat, the only one power financial of world, are used before the end of the world, for pay prostitution. The fake men, have millions of prostitutes, and I, needed for life, I have no women. This was the end of the world. All women's was prostitutes, and born no more children's. I was completely alone. No more Monarchy, the only one power of life. Republic is ok, but no monarchy is no more life in universes.

Now, the live of all peoples start again, from 0000 time absolute, year 2024, 27.05. In sky were I am president and king, are only women's. On earth, i have to see a new begin. About that, in my futur films. I coment by pictures the news on sky, and we see the alien, like us, normaly people. My films are about all countries, and times, and for moment the Team is located in Switzerland, were I make like citizen, the first Hollywood firma, in Zürich. My name ISUS, was artist name. The realy name is Roman Lucian, england and canadian name, original from sud Switzerland, Luzern. In the past history I was imperator of german holly imperium romane, located to Rome, Sicilien and Suisse.